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Hiring a tree service provider with the right combination of knowledge, field experience, tools and machinery is essential to attaining the best possible out come for your project, Ludivig Tree Service is a licensed and certified tree service with 45 years of experience, and a variety of machinery to get the job done.

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With over 45 years of experience, Ludivig Tree Service is the right choice for your tree removal services.


Our staff has the knowledge and field experience to diagnose tree diseases, insect infestation, and risk assessment. Understanding the problem is a crucial to managing the health of your trees.

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We recycle the trees we remove from the local community into firewood. This keeps the prices down, and allows you to keep toasty warm for less money.

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"On several occasions I have needed information and help regarding trees and bushes in my yard. I called the city park department for information and was referred to the city forester, Mr. Dennis Ludivig. On each occasion Mr. Ludivig was extremely helpful and I wish to express my appreciation to him and to notify the city of the good work that he is doing."

- Boyd A. Purdom

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At Ludivig Tree Service, we know how important the lives of your trees are. We specialize in plant health care.  We staff a ISA Certified Arborist, as well as a DNR Liscenced Tree Inspector.  Ludivig Tree Service was establshed in 1971.

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